What is CBD and how is it beneficial?

Please visit the CBD tab located at the top of the page, then click on the icon stating "What is CBD and how is it beneficial?".


How Do I Place An Order?

Click on the item you would like to own. On the right side of the photo is a blue box with "Add to cart" click on that and you are on your way! just follow the prompts. Iowa requires a 6% tax.

Payment and Shipping

No worries, It's FREE shipping!

Privacy Policy

Everyone needs their FULL privacy, especially when it comes to online shopping. All information will be kept confidential guaranteed.

What Kind of Oils are used?

Young Living www.youngliving.com 


Payment Options

As this site grows, there will be more options of payment. As of right now, PayPal will be accepted.

Returns & Refunds

Unfortunately, there are no returns or refunds with this site. Some of the profits already went to Beacon Of Life Women's Shelter! 


As an avid Earth lover, I recycle and use preloved boxes for some items for shipping. If you would like a fresh, crisp box, please do not hesitate to message me in the note section when checking out.

Part of profits from this site are donated to the Des Moines, Iowa, local Women's Shelter, Beacon of Life. 

Visit Beacon of Life at: 



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